KB3 Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version

KB3 Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version

KB3 Whatsapp 2022 is new version of WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in the world. Due to its many special features, this application has gained a lot of popularity among its users

What is KB3 Whatsapp Apk?

KB3 Whatsapp is a customized version of WhatsApp. It is similar to WhatsApp but has more features. KB3WhatsApp Download was designed to improve the user experience while replicating features that are missing from the original app. There are many features that users requested from the original WhatsApp, making the app extremely user-friendly.

KB3Whatsapp Overview

App Name KB3 Whatsapp
Version v17
Last updated 24 Hours Ago
Requires Android 4.0+
Downloads 513K+
Operating System Android
Rating 4.1
RatingCount 76211
Cost Free
App size 19 MB

Screenshot Of KB3Whatsapp

Features Of KB3 Whatsapp

Five Minutes Status

The status can be uploaded as a five-minute video, but only friends who use WhatsApp plus versions will see it; those using standard WhatsApp versions will see only the first thirty seconds.

DND Mode

The program prevents deletion of messages. View revoked or deleted WhatsApp messages with this app. Messages can be selected and responded to while viewing. It will impress your family and friends.


Many improvements have been made to KB3Whatsapp The layouts and themes of chats as well as chat screens can be changed. It is possible to upload a theme.

Styles and fonts

The number of fonts, styles, and shapes preferred by users is vast. It contains some excellent fonts. There are several sizes, styles, and colors available.

Automated replies

By adding these features, the developer made the app distinct from cyber WhatsApp mods. You can create and send customized automatic reply messages to specific recipients using this feature.

Scheduling message

Send your messages whenever you like. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep track of when each message was sent. Whenever you are online, anyone who visits your profile will see the entire record.

How to Download & Install KB3 Whatsapp Apk?

You can install app on Android by following the steps below.

  • First, uninstall the original whatsapp.
  • Set your security settings to allow “Unknown sources”.
  • Please click the link below to download KB3 Whatsapp.
  • Installing the software may take some time.
  • Well done! It was a successful installation.
  • Check out the new features


Messages can be sent to blocked contacts?
We are not yet planning to implement this feature in KB3w. However, we will consider it in the future.
Is this app available for iPhone and PC?
The app is available for free on Windows, MAC, iPad/Apple devices.

Expert Opinion

KB3 Whatsapp is a very feature-rich application which includes a lot of helpful features. Users can download themes to make them more enjoyable to use. The majority of the elements are superior to the official WhatsApp. You can now set a video as your status for 5 minutes instead of the previously allowed 1 minute.

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