How to Check Someone’s Phone Location?

How to Check Someone’s Phone Location?

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday life that it’s very stressful to suddenly are unable to find your phone regardless of whether you’ve thrown it away in a taxi, dropped it from your pocket, or hid it in your mattress. If you own an Android phone it is possible to make use of to use the Find My Device feature to (hopefully) find your phone.

There are a variety of methods to locate the smartphone’s location. Each of Android and iPhone smartphones are equipped with built-in location tracking tools. These services remain in use in the event that GPS location services are enabled on the phone are turned on in the phone’s settings and that owner granted the application permission to access this data.

How to Check someone’s Phone Location?

Many think of being able of being able to find my phone through a number. However, there is no application that can provide you with the location of an phone that is based on the phone number by itself. Any app available on Google Play Store that claims to do this is a scam. Google Play Store that claims to be able to do this is a rip-off.

The only method to find the location of the phone phone is to install software on that phone and then using it. The phone owner has to grant that software the permissions to use the location services within the phone.


If you’ve lost your phone and you’re sure that it’s located in your home then your smart speaker may be able help. Check that you have both your device as well as your smart speaker are logged in with the exact same accounts and it’ll assist you to find your phone within a matter of minutes.

If you own an Google Home Hub(tm) You can say, for example, “Okay Google, find my phone.” Your smart speaker will confirm the device that you’re inquiring about and make it to ring. The greatest thing about this is that even when your phone is turned off or on vibrate, it’ll make the sound.


Are you prone to forgetting the exact location of your phone? Don’t worry, you’re not all alone. For a second layer of protection make sure you invest on Bluetooth(r) trackers. There are currently several available, such as Tile(r). Tile(r). All you need to do is connect the phone onto the tracker, so that if your phone is lost for a short time in a sofa cushion it will set the alarm to your phone to assist you find it faster.

Secure your phone

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Find an Android Phone via Google’s Find My Device

Finding where the location on your Android phone could not be more simple. If you’ve got location services installed for your Android device you can utilize the Google Search My Device page as an Google phone tracking device to determine information about the location on your phone.


After that then, you’ll be able to see a precise indication of the exact GPS location that is on the phone that is marked by a small symbol in green on Google Maps.

The map is left to the left you’ll find three services which you can utilize to access you’re phone isn’t present in your possession.

  • Play Sounds: Your phone will be able to sound an alarm for five minutes even if the volume has been set to silence. If you are in the vicinity, and the phone is in close proximity to you then you will hear it.
  • Secure Device When you suspect that your phone is missing it is possible to make sure it’s locked to ensure nobody can access it. It’s still a way to ensure you are able to find your device and, more importantly, you can show the phone number that anyone could call you in the event that they find your device.
  • erase device: In the event that you’ve given up all hope, you are able to remote erase everything from your device completely.

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