How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

How to Check Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

Nowadays, everyone is friendly thanks to WhatsApp. We love having WhatsApp on our smartphones. What is it that makes WhatsApp the best? WhatsApp lets users communicate and video and voice calls for no cost. It also lets users share documents Photos, Pictures, Videos Locations, Audios and contacts with their family, friends and colleagues. Today, you can utilize WhatsApp on the web as well as WhatsApp desktop.

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging platforms, with millions of active users. The app has a variety of features, including video and voice calling security, privacy group chat, the capability to share images and videos among other options.

But, a common concern concerning WhatsApp app is whether it’s feasible for you to know whom viewed the WhatsApp profile. Do you know the possibility that someone had secretly viewed or viewed your WhatsApp profile or status and then checked to see if you’re online?

Each day, people in your circle are visiting or viewing your WhatsApp profile to various reasons. Are you safe by securing yourself from WhatsApp stalkers? What can you do to know whether someone is monitoring your WhatsApp? Are you worried over whom viewed my WhatsApp profile and my status? Do you know how for me to check whom visited my WhatsApp profile?

If these questions are popping to mind If so, this post can help.

WhatsApp does not have a default feature to find out the person who viewed my WhatsApp profile.

How to Check Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile?

It’s a shock at every WhatsApp person whom viewed the profile of my Whatsapp profile. How to Check Who Viewed our Whatsapp Profile? Whatsapp is an awesome app to use on your smartphone. What is it that makes WhatsApp the most popular?

It is likely that your WhatsApp profile can be visited or viewed frequently by people on your contacts’ list for various reasons. If someone is following your profile on WhatsApp, how can you stop them from doing so? How do you know when someone is examining messages on your WhatsApp messages?

If you’ve been contemplating the same kinds of concerns, this article is ideal for you. WhatsApp does not come with an integrated feature that lets me see the number of people who have viewed my profile. Certain WhatsApp profile viewer apps promise to reveal who has visited my profile on WhatsApp however, unfortunately they do not work.

Whatsapp Who Viewed Me

This app was designed by someone who is specialized in determining whether someone is monitoring your WhatsApp account, and also who they might be. This app is not available in the Google Play Store no longer offers this app however, you can download it here.

Install it and download the application, wait for it to run for a couple of minutes, and then you’re completed. People who have in the last few days viewed the profile of your WhatsApp profile will be able to provide the list of people who have visited your profile.

Here you’ll discover detailed guidelines on how to maximize the benefits of this app:

  • You may be forced installing the 1mobile app store on your mobile device. If you want to remove it choice, you’ll have the option too.
  • Prior to installing this app before installing it, you may be required to authorize Android applications from untrusted sources.

Once you’ve installed and downloaded the app now, you’re in a position to start using it.

To start Scan, just press blue “Scan” button.

Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

Who has viewed WhatsApp profile app It is totally free. Third-party software takes up just 38 MB of memory on your Android smartphone, which makes this app very easy to use.

Everyone WhatsApp users who want to know whether someone has viewed their profile within the last 24 hours need to utilize this app. Anyone who has recently visited the profile of your WhatsApp profile can be listed in this app. You may be able to view all information of the viewer in this app.


After you’ve completed the next steps After you’ve completed the steps, you may find out who visited the profile of your WhatsApp profile as well as your profile photo:

  • First download the application What Viewed My WhatsApp Profile and install it on your phone.
  • If it requests access to your contacts, you can enable it once you’ve completed installing.
  • Once you have granted access to your contact’s information after allowing access to your contact, after allowing access to your contact, this app will display the users’ details. People who recently visited or visited the profile of your profile in WhatsApp may now see your profile as a useful new feature of WhatsApp. WhatsApp app.
  • You have to give this app five stars on the name of the first visitor for it to be unlocked.


I hope that this article has helped you. If you come across an application which actually reveals which person viewed the profile of your WhatsApp profile Do inform us know and we’ll take a look into it.

I strongly suggest to stay clear of any of the applications we discussed above, since I am not able to verify how secure they may be.

If you have any other concerns, or something you’d like us to add to the discussion please let us know in the comments section below.

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