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Whatapp is one of the fastest and most used communication applications. People love the features of the original WhatsApp, but some features are quite annoying. ER WhatsApp Apk comes with some amazing features, and it is one of the famous modified WhatsApp apps from 2022. It comes up with some amazing features with an easy user interface.

ER WhatsApp is basically based on the theme of a Muslim named Ertugrul. The app comes with some eye-catchy features that are loved by the users, including the privacy policy, customized user interface, change in background, and many more. Original WhatsApp is limited in features, while this modified version comes with all of the benefits that a user needs. Here, I am sharing the complete details of the ERWhatsApp apk. One can easily download it from the link below and enjoy it.

What is ER Whatsapp Apk?

ER Whatsapp is an Ertugrul Whatsapp. It was named on the Muslim named Ertugrul. The main subject of the app was him. This app comes with some amazing and unique features that are not available with the original WhatsApp. It comes with different privacy policies. With this modified version of WhatsApp, you can easily enjoy various features.

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One of the most famous features is one can easily change the background and use different themes for WhatsApp chat. It will provide a unique experience while chatting. ER WhatsApp Apk is known as one of the best WhatsApp app available in the market. It comes with all amazing features. One of the best and the most noticeable feature is Urdu language support.

Some other privacy features that are only introduced in this version are to password protect your important conversations individually. You can also protect the whole app with fingerprint, pin, and pattern lock.

ER WhatsApp Additional Information

App Name  ER WhatsApp 
Version V21
Size 47 MB
Downloads 29000+
Updated 7 Hours Ago
Operating System Android
Rating 4.1
RatingCount 10425
If You Are Using Any Old Version Of This Application & Want To Upgrade To Latest Version. Then Simply Download & Install This File. Your App Will Be Automatically Upgraded To Latest Version

Features of ER Whatsapp 2022

It has more features than king Whatsapp, and Hawa Whatsapp. The features of this app are more fantastic and amazing than any other MOD. Here are some of the main features of this Whatsapp mod apk:

Lock Whatsapp Chats

The app version of Whatsapp allows you to lock a chat with a unique pin or pattern, just like in yellow Whatsapp. A locked chat cannot be accessed or read without first being unlocked.

Er Whatsapp Anti Ban Version

This Whatsapp mod protects against account bans with an anti-ban feature. It won’t ever ban you with this Whatsapp. The added protection offered by this feature is not found in other Whatsapp mods. Your account will no longer be banned by Er Whatsapp apk anti-ban feature.

Anti Status Delete

Using Er Whatsapp mod apk, you can view your Whatsapp friends’ previously deleted statuses. You can also reply to those deleted statuses and wow them later.

Hide/Freeze Your Last Seen

ErWhatsApp allows you to hide and freeze your last seen. This feature allows you to freeze your last seen. You can display offline content while online. Thus, no one can tell whether or not you are online. This mod gives you more control over the privacy of your Whatsapp account.

Color Adjustment

WhatsApp Chat, Conversation, and Home Screens now allow you to customize colors and appearances. Also, WhatsApp’s widgets, pop-up notification screen, and widget sizes and colors can be customized. Your Android home screen can be customized with a widget that switches between offline and online mode. This widget will be completely resized and recolored.

Blue Ticks After Reply

ERWhatsApp mod also lets you hide your blue ticks. After replying, you can turn on blue ticks. Blue ticks will not appear if you enable this feature. Blue ticks are only visible if you respond to a chat.

Anti Revoke Message:

Messages sent through ER WhatsApp can now be revoked. All deleted messages can now be read with this Whatsapp mod apk. When you reply to deleted messages, your family and friends will be impressed.

Typing and recording status are hidden

This WhatsApp mod also lets you hide your recording and typing statuses. You cannot see what you are typing or recording. As soon as you type it, you can send it to them without displaying the status.


You can add unique themes, fonts, styles, bubbles, double ticks, and more with this WhatsApp mod. It is also possible to add a unique logo to this WhatsApp. You can apply themes using a theme library. The theme can be applied to WhatsApp after it has been downloaded from the library. To make WhatsApp more attractive and distinctive, you can add these features.

WhatsApp Lock

There is no need to use a third-party lock programme to lock WhatsApp now. When a user opens their WhatsApp account, the ERWhatsApp 2021 app will ask for the 4-digit password they created. Create a password for each person or organization rather than for everyone.

Change WhatsApp Theme

The layers, backgrounds, and overall WhatsApp theme are stunning. ERthemes will be available for exploration, download and use through ERWhatsApp Download. Therefore, there are more than a thousand themes to choose from. Due to the theme, all of your home screens, chat screens, status screens, call history screens, and settings screens will have new backgrounds. Changing the theme color will also change the layout colors.

Change Language and Font

Easily switch between languages and fonts without downloading any extra files. You can choose from over 50 built-in fonts to change the app’s font instantly.

Status Downloader

In this version of WhatsApp, you can also download your status. With just a click, you can download the Whatsapp statuses directly into your phone’s gallery. You don’t need a third-party app to download ErWhatsApp statuses.

Message Scheduler

At any time, you can send messages to any of your contacts or groups. Birthdays and holidays can be celebrated at a specified time. Your data connection must be active in order to send the message at the scheduled time.

Photo of chatting with ER Whatsapp

ER WhatsApp Apk Premium Benefits

Some benefits of Er WhatsApp are as follows:

  • It supports 4.1 Android and more.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Last seen, and online status can be freeze.
  • Easily hide, and password protects the important conversation.
  • Password protect your app with pin, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
  • You can easily use multiple accounts in one WhatsApp.
  • Stop auto-downloading media.
  • Anti-delete messages and media.
  • Auto-reply feature.
  • Setting custom wallpaper.
  • Download 4200+ custom themes for making your chat more interesting.
  • The Urdu language is supported in this app.
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Chat and groups separate.
  • Full WhatsApp customizable.
  • You can easily schedule the message sending feature.
  • Easy and customizable user interface.
  • Change the background color.
  • Download the statuses of contacts easily.
  • Privacy for your status.

What’s New in ERWhatsApp?

  • Added the feature to listen to voice messages at different speeds by switching buttons while the voice note is playing.
  • Users can easily add an option to the location of the archived conversations up & down.
  • Fixed a delay in sending and receiving messages.
  • Fix the crash problem for video calling.
  • Other add-ons discover in the app with the updated version.

Screenshot of ER Whatsapp 2022

ER Whatsapp MOD APK Features

Now talking about the MOD features of ER Whatsapp that you can avail yourself after downloading the game from the link below:

  • No ads.
  • Download unlimited theme.
  • Supports the Urdu language.
  • Customize chat settings.

Pros and Cons Of ER Whatsapp


  • This app will look different with custom themes.
  • You can’t see the forwarded tag when you forward a message.
  • You can send documents up to 100 MB in size.


  • Since ERWhatsApp is unofficial, you may be banned at any time.
  • Compared to official WhatsApp, this is a little slower.
  • You may lose your data if you download APK files containing viruses.

Download and Install ER Whatapp?

Here is a quick guide to download and install on your Android.

  • Go to security settings and allow “Unknown sources” to give the security permission.
  • Now, click to download ER WhatsApp Apk app from our provided link.
  • Click to open the downloaded file and press “Install.”
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation.
  • Congratulations! Your application has been installed successfully.
  • Open and enjoy the additional features.


Is ER Whatsapp Apk available for free?
Yes! You can easily download ER WhatsApp Apk free from the store.
Can I use ER Whatsapp on PC?
Yes! This is available on PC and tablets as well. You only need to install android emulator on your pc.
Do I need to pay for themes in this app?
You will get unlimited themes and backgrounds to make your chat more interesting.
How many languages are supported by ER Whatsapp?
Two languages are supported. One is English, and the other in Urdu.


ER WhatsApp Apk is one of those apps that offers you to think out of the box. This application is full of fun, eye-catching backgrounds, themes, support the Urdu language, and more. We assure you will enjoy this app. If you still haven’t downloaded the app, click on the download button and enjoy the additional features free of cost. We assure you won’t regret your experience. The app comes with many other privacy features that include locking important conversations with pattern and pin lock to make it secure.

Review By Ozzy Luke ⭐⭐⭐⭐
it is very helpful for individual usage. It delivers quick, timely, functional, and consistent communication between any two individuals over half decent Wi-Fi.
Review By Erwin Steiner ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Communicating with friends is made easier than ever in recording and writing. Thanks to the creator.I like the way of recording than texting cause you can listen to a friend’s melodious voice

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