April 10, 2024

How to Join WhatsApp & Tiktok Beta?

Like other apps that run on Android, WhatsApp also has a beta program. WhatsApp makes stable update following feedback from developers as well as beta testers. This means you will get the most recent features faster than regular users, but also with bugs. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced multi-device service for select beta users. This is a regular feature prior to the release of any stable update launched. If you’d like to be the first and display the most recent update to your acquaintances, this article is ideal for you.

How Can I Join WhatsApp Beta Tester?

The beta testers are limited and not every person can become an beta tester as the slots are not as plentiful. Slots are vacant for some time. If you’re lucky, then you could be registered to join the WhatsApp beta test program.

Let’s talk about how you can avail this service and be an official beta testing user of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is not an application that is independent, however the app receives updates in the early stages.

The beta is now available on iPhone and Android and anyone is able to test the new feature that lets users to connect up to four other devices without having for your phone or tablet to connect to the Internet (or near).

You’ll need an phone but there’s no method to make use of WhatsApp without a phone, since you’ll need to scan a QR code displayed in the linked device using your phone. Once it’s setup, your phone doesn’t require an internet connection. And you’ll still be able to send and receive messages even if the battery on your phone is depleted or you turn off completely.

Before we discuss how you can do it, here are the major limitations:

  • It is still not possible to use multiple phone using your account simultaneously.
  • Live location cannot be viewed on any of the companion (linked) devices
  • It isn’t possible to join or view group invites from your companion devices
  • The Linked devices will not be able to talk to people who use “very old” versions of WhatsApp
  • It’s not possible to call from the WhatsApp Desktop to the linked device that’s not an active participant in the multi-device beta

This is a test of an new Version of WhatsApp available for Web, Desktop and Facebook Portal. The app doesn’t allow you to transfer messages between devices this is disappointing for a lot of users.

How can you test beta beta on Android

  1. Within WhatsApp, tap More options (three horizontal dots)
  2. Tap Linked Devices. You may see an alert pop-up telling users about this new feature. Simply tap Yes if you see it.
  3. Click Multi-Device Beta to join Beta, and follow the steps

If you do not see Multi-Device Beta, either you’re not using the most recent version of WhatsApp or the feature isn’t currently available for your area. The feature is now rolling out across the world however.


How do I join the beta on the iPhone

Within WhatsApp, tap Settings (bottom right side of the primary screen)Tap linked devices. You may see an alert pop-up telling you of new features. new feature. Simply tap Yes if you see it.

Tap Multi-Device Beta.

Click on the blue Join Beta button at the bottom, and you’ll be shown a message that states you’ll need to re-link all of your other devices when you join.

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