Cyber Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version (Updated)

Cyber Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version (Updated)

There is debate about which of the modified versions of WhatsApp is best and which one is not. It is because all of these versions share many of the same features. Cyber Whatsapp is a mod for WhatsApp that allows you to customize many aspects of the app. Globally, almost everyone uses the application Cyber WhatsApp. It may be used by teenagers, children, or even the elderly. Connect with family members, friends, loved ones, etc. using this application.

What is Cyber Whatsapp?

Android users can download Cyber WhatsApp, a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. iOS users can also take advantage of this app. It is common to find many modified versions of WhatsApp, but Cyber WhatsApp takes it to another level. As the popularity of official WhatsApp grows, users are demanding more features. Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp cannot meet so many demands. This is why we created Cyber WhatsApp. With it, you can customize WhatsApp to fit your needs.

Cyber WhatsApp offers a lot of features that aren’t available in official WhatsApp, just like na whatsapp does. Those features are so amazing and unbelievable that we never expected to be able to enjoy them.

There are many tools available right now with this app. Among them are over 4,000 free themes that you can download from the library. The app also enables you to send custom files to anyone you wish, such as ZIP files or APKs. Since you can download stories and media files to your phone, you don’t need to use any other instant messaging app. Also, it protects your privacy and allows you to access other features.

Cyber Whatsapp Overview

App Name Cyber Whatsapp
Version Latest
App size 44 MB
Requires Android 4.5+
Root Required Not Root Required
Operating System Android
Rating 4.5
RatingCount 176371
Cost Free
Last updated Today

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Features Of Cyber Whatsapp

Send a custom file

Now you can send any file to anyone using cyber WhatsApp. Any file can now be sent without requiring a zip file or APK file. Select your file by clicking on the attachment icon.

You can lock your Whatsapp

Your WhatsApp can now be locked with a fingerprint, a pin, or a password very easily. Cyber WhatsApp’s private lock system does not apply to other apps.

Completely Customized

Users can’t fully customize the original WhatsApp app. Yet many users today enjoy the option of customizing their applications. With Cyber WhatsApp, you can now download a new theme. You can choose from a wide range of available themes here to suit your tastes. You can change themes just like on your phone!

Airplane Mode

This is not your phone’s default airplane mode, but one associated with this modified version of the app. If you turn it on, you’ll no longer receive messages, but you can still access the internet through other applications. The WhatsApp mods do not have this feature.

Change your language.

You can choose from 13 different languages.

Save Stories

do not last longer than 24 hours. If you see something you’d like to save, you don’t need to screenshot it. Just save it directly to your phone! You can do this today with this app. Using this app, you can save as many as you want.

Turn Of The Double Tick

After receiving the message, you will see a double tick. The double tick cannot be turned off within WhatsApp. This option can be turned off in this application, but you can still read the message and the sender will think you haven’t received it.

Voice changer

If you want to prank your friends, family, or anyone, you can send a voice message with a different tone. Yes, you can prank people with different voice tones in cyber WhatsApp.  


You can use Cyber WhatsApp for an extra level of security. It offers users the option of end-to-end encrypted chats, calls, and video calls. In addition, the app allows you to set a password or fingerprint so that no one can access your account while you’re away. You can save and modify your stories.

Additional Features

  • Customize it the way you want
  • It offers high levels of security
  • security
  • security, including many privacy features that are extremely important today
  • Those who use chat can block calls/video calls whenever they want
  • 90 images can be sent at the same time

Download and Install Cyber Whatsapp?

To download CyberWhatsapp on your Android device, follow the guide below.

  • First, uninstall the original WhatsApp.
  • Go to security settings and allow “Unknown sources” to give the security permission.
  • Now, click to download CyberWhatsapp app from our provided link.
  • Click to open the downloaded file and press “Install.”
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation.
  • Congratulations!CyberWhatsapp apk has been installed successfully.
  • Open and enjoy


Where Can I Download Cyber Whatsapp?
This mod can be downloaded from this page by clicking the download button. Downloading will begin.
What are the benefits of Cyber Whatsapp APK?
In the latest update to WhatsApp, some exciting new features have been added. You can block unwanted calls and you can customize your theme.


Keep in contact with family and friends with Cyber Whatsapp Apk. It offers a range of features and is easy to use. Additionally, it is a very unique application, making it a good choice for people looking to enjoy the iPhone theme on their Android phones. WhatsApp is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family.

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