How to Lock WhatsApp Chat on Android

How to Lock WhatsApp Chat on Android

WhatsApp is among the most popular of the messaging apps we use to talk and share data, either for personal use or in a professional capacity. We talk about a variety of topics with our family, friends or business partners through WhatsApp We don’t want this information to leak or compromised.

WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that’s an excellent option to send or receive images, text or media. It’s become a fantastic method of connecting with your family and friends. Sometimes, we share a lot of personal and confidential details, or we have secrets we do not are not willing to reveal, that’s the time to secure certain chats on WhatsApp. WhatsApp chats.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t offer the option to secure you out of your WhatsApp conversation, it is likely that you require assistance from an outside source. There are apps on the Play Store that can help users to block chats on WhatsApp.

In this article we will look at how to secure WhatsApp chats to keep your chat private and secure with the help of Locker for Whats chat App Secure Private Chat Secure Private Chat

How to Lock WhatsApp Chat on Android?

Follow the step-by instruction below to find out “how to lock one chat in WhatsApp”:

To ensure your privacy and security You can block the chat you are interested in on WhatsApp by using Locker for the Whats Chat App for a Secure Private Chat.

With Locker for the Whats Chat App for Secure Private Chat is a way to protect your personal and group WhatsApp messages safe. It only requires a PIN to secure chats. The app does not just secure chats, but also secure the entire application by with a PIN.

The greatest part is that it is not just able to lock chats, but is able to lock the entire app with just one PIN. It is free to download and lets you hide private chats. The WhatsApp locker application is easy to use and has an simple design and is lightweight on your device and has plenty of resources.

How To Lock Particular WhatsApp Chat?

  1. Install and download 
  2. Start the app by pressing the icon.
  3. You will be asked to enter a four-digit pin and then confirm the PIN.
  4. Once you’ve set the PIN, it is necessary to send a recovery email to get your PIN back in the event that you forget.
  5. Tap the + for adding a chat you must protect.

This app is an ideal option for those who wish to make use of the WhatsApp chat locker to secure certain WhatsApp conversations.

It’s among the top lockers for WhatsApp chats due to its unique features, including locking chats by individual and an easy-to-use interface.

It does not have any negative effect on battery usage.

The security tool functions as an underground vault that protects all conversations secure and private without creating any hassle.

In the end, this WhatsApp chat room has been able to take the top spot.

Two chats are blocked in the basic version application. It is possible to change to the higher version by installing the recommended applications or by purchasing it at the low cost. It allows you to block the conversation for an unlimited amount of time without completely free of advertisements.


    • It also adds an additional layer of security, allowing users to block individual chats as well as the entirety of the WhatsApp application.
    • The app locks WhatsApp by using a PIN as well as Fingerprint security. It blocks the unauthorized access.
    • It offers one-tap security to all of your WhatsApp chats.
    • It doesn’t drain the battery of your phone and consumes only the smallest amount of power


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