How to Get Free Wifi at Home

How to Get Free Wifi at Home

The children of the 1990s will likely recall the agony of the dial-up Internet days. The waiting. The connection. The tone that informed them that they were close to being connected. The wires. There are so many wires. Nowadays, connecting to the Internet can be done in just a few seconds. Although we could be unsure what Wi-Fi means however, we can say without any doubt that Wi-Fi needs no cables. In addition wireless Internet connection generally comes at an expense, unless you follow this advice from an expert regarding how to get free Wi-Fi.

Get Free Internet at Home

The average user spends around fifty dollars per month on access to an Internet connection. It is important to note that the Internet connection performance is proportional with the cost, so you will need to shell out extra to get the speed of Internet.

There are times when you need free Wi Fi within your home for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could be engaged in an online conference when the Internet connection suddenly ceases to work. In addition, you could save money by making use of free WiFi from home.

This is why you must be familiar with these methods to access free Internet when you need it.

Get Free Internet at Home Using Public WiFi

There are many public WI-FI hotspots around you, based on the location you reside in. They offer free Internet service are usually accessible at bus stations, metro stations along with coffee shops, parks and various commercial areas. So you are able to access free Internet access free Internet without having to pay for a subscription fee with your Internet services provider.

In addition numerous privately Wi Fi hotspots provide the option of prepaid Internet access that is less expensive than mobile data. They public WiFi hotspots provide an ideal solution when you don’t have the money to purchase an expensive WiFi connection.

However, others are able to see your device or your computer via the public Internet and access it. It’s recommended that you surf the Internet with VPN. VPN on your smart device or laptop to secure your data and your identity.

Get Free Internet at Home Using Hotspot Database App

There are numerous apps designed to scan free public WiFi wireless networks around your. All you have to do is install hotspot database programs that contain an inventory of public hotspots. Not only that, they also provide passwords for hotspots which aren’t accessible.


One of the best app to access free WiFi near to home can be WIFImapper. It’s an application that’s installed which gives users access to an extensive listing of free Internet around your area.

All you have to do is download this app and then search the area. The app displays the readily available free Internet services that are available near your home. This way you can choose one of these Internet services from home at free.

Additionally, it displays ForSquare along with WIFImapper comments as well as hotspot types, as well as the precise place.

Automatically connect and find free open or secure Wi-Fi networks that have free internet access.
Simply walk around in the vicinity and use this program discover networks within range. You will be alerted when the hotspot that has free internet connection can be located and a signal level map will direct you to the best location to surf the internet with the most speed.

With this app you don’t have to be an expert hacker. The application was intended to be helpful even for those who don’t have any experience with computers. We don’t steal or share passwords or other personal information.

We’re constantly making improvements and optimizing our algorithms for network analysis and testing to ensure that if there’s an free Wi-Fi network in the vicinity you can be able to be connected to the internet any time.

Once connected with the network, you are able to quickly test internet connection performance and the real internet speed. A professional internet speed testers will determine and display the actual transfer speed, which you actually experience when browsing websites or downloading files from the hotspot currently connected to.

Millions of public access locations around the globe that you can connect to. You will find it everywhere, and maybe your neighbors have weakly secured wifi.

This app is an excellent option for tablets that do not have LTE or 3G connection, as well as phones that have only limited plans for data transfer. It’s a great option when you’re not at home. If you’re traveling it is possible to save your data usage for roaming. Start this app and verify whether there’s an open wifi in your vicinity It’s free!

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