Hawa2 WhatsApp Apk 2023 Latest Version Download

Hawa2 WhatsApp Apk 2023 Latest Version Download

Hawa2 WhatsApp Apk

HawaWhatsApp is a well-liked alternative of the original WhatsApp. The legendary developer behind it is responsible for its creation. Both the ha2 (red) and hawa (purple) versions of haWhatsApp are available. Both have useful functions like remembering the last time a picture was delivered or preventing the recipient from erasing a message.Hawa2 WhatsApp apk lot of people use, therefore it’s no surprise that there are a lot of WhatsApp plus versions. The legendary developer behind it is responsible for its creation.

Hawa2 WhatsApp Overview

App Name Hawa2 WhatsApp
Version Latest
Size 25 MB
Downloads 376900+
Updated One Day Ago
Operating System Android
Rating 4.5
RatingCount 25370

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Features of Hawa2 WhatsApp Apk

Save one-time sent photographs

There are instances when individuals send you pictures, but they only want you to have them for that one time. Official WhatsApp APK users only get a single look at it before it disappears forever. You can effortlessly keep track of photos you’ve only ever emailed once by downloading this Apk from our site. Even if you save the photographs, the sender won’t know it.

DND Mode

If we don’t want to be disturbed on our phones, we turn on airplane mode. In this version of Whatsapp, if you don’t want calls or messages, enable airplane mode. Activating that disables messages and calls.

See deleted messages

Normally, when a user deletes a message on WhatsApp, it disappears forever from the recipient’s device. You may simply access your deleted messages by downloading the most recent version of hawaWhatsappapk. You can recover lost photos and videos by downloading them and saving them to your photo album. Your messages will be restored immediately after you click the “Delete” button.

Blue tick hidden option

You can use this Mod Apk to conceal the blue tick as well. With this option enabled, you can prevent the sender from learning whether or not you have seen their message by disabling the blue tick. This app’s settings allow you to conceal your verification tick. Until you go into your WhatsApp Mod Apk and turn off this option, the blue tick won’t show up.

Darken Light Mode

If you can’t see the screen in bright light, try “Dark.” HAWA WhatsApp APK app limitations. Unblock calls and messages get offline notifications, and more with premium features. The software is available everywhere, so get it immediately.

Removal of last seen

Better privacy can be achieved with additional options, such as turning off “last seen.” Your level of anonymity is maximized when you disable the “last seen” function. To protect your anonymity, you can use this function to temporarily conceal your last seen. When this option is activated, nobody in your contact list will be able to see when you were last online.

Manage multiple accounts

Use this function to easily switch between numerous user accounts on your device. If you use the most recent version of the HAWA WhatsApp app, you’ll be able to manage several accounts from the same device. Having this option enabled makes it simple to manage several accounts using different phone numbers. Get the file and unlock the door to multiple-account running.

Brief 10-minute update

As opposed to the standard 30 seconds allowed in WhatsApp, users of WhatsApp Plus can upload movies of up to 10 minutes in length by using the feature to enlarge the size of the status.

Hide second tick

You can conceal your second tick with this Mod Apk. This fantastic option makes it simple to cover up your second tick. If you don’t want others to know you sent a message twice, you can prevent them from seeing it by hiding your second tick in WhatsApp Mod Apk. Key features are available in the HAWA WhatsApp 2022 Apk, which you can get now.

Download status

What’s your contact’s current status? Download it here. When you install the HAWA WA Apk on your device, you’ll be able to access and download all of your preferred statuses. The choice to download is conveniently located in this corner; once you’ve selected it, all you need to do is click the download button, and your status will begin downloading immediately.

Recording of calls

The most recent version of HAWA2 WhatsApp also includes a call recording feature. When enabled, this function makes it simple to record WhatsApp conversations. Video calls are also recordable with this WhatsApp Mod Apk, in addition to audio. You’ll have access to these recordings at any moment on your device.

How To Download & Install Hawa2 WhatsApp?

As we know this apk is not available on the play store so we have to download it from a third-party website. Follow these steps to download hawa2 whatsapp.

  • You have to uninstall the previous version from your phone.
  • Click on the download link to hawa2 WhatsApp download.
  • Now go to the settings and allow unknown sources.
  • After that click on the install button.
  • Your app is successfully installed now.
  • Open the app and enjoy it.


Is Hawa2 Whatsapp apk secure?
Yes, downloading this Apk from our website is completely safe and secure.
Can we use this app to record phone calls?
Yes, you may use this Apk to record phone calls.


Hawa2 WhatsApp, often known as HaWhatsApp, is a fork of the original WhatsApp created by the same developer behind the popular Adam WhatsApp fork. There is no way to be banned for using numerous accounts on the same mobile device with ha2WhatsApp 2022 hawa. There seems to be a newfound interest in WhatsApp “Mods” all around the world. Due to its popularity, several add-ons were developed to provide users more control over how WhatsApp looks and functions. What sets your version of WhatsApp apart from the rest is the HAWA2 WhatsApp pk 2022. Incredible improvements in functionality and user interface (UI) are at your fingertips.

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