Dubai Latest Jobs In 2023

Dubai Latest Jobs In 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are a flourishing region in the world, playing an increasing part in international commerce and tourism. International hotels, high-rise structures as well as many of the most famous brands around the globe were constructed within Dubai in addition to Abu Dhabi, which made important contributions to the growth of UAE. Dubai is a magnet for tourists from all across the globe who are seeking employment and work opportunities in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. A number of desired job market across Dubai and the Middle East is undoubtedly the UAE. But, you’ll need to consider various aspects, such as network connections, job stability, and advantages. Dubai Latest Jobs In 2023.

To get an job within the UAE involves working in the center of commercial activity in the Middle East. You should be aware of certain fundamental guidelines when making preparations for walk-in interviews, upcoming job openings and UAE employment.

What types of jobs are available for you in the UAE?

The selection of an job and the salary scale are dependent on the area of employment and the various career choices that are available, which includes.

Admin jobsAccounting jobs
Finance jobs
IT jobs
Procurement jobs
Marketing jobs
Teaching jobs
Sales jobs
Management jobs
Part Time jobs

Oil and Finance Jobs

Apart from finance and oil In addition to finance and oil, the UAE is home to many of the most lucrative jobs in the fields of information and computer tech, retail and retail sector. Although English is the most preferred business language, acquiring Arabic can aid you in your job hunt since many sectors utilize Arabic to conduct formal correspondence.

Candidates who are successful to apply for job opportunities online employment within the UAE will be expected to work for an average of 8 hours per day. The day off for formal work is Friday, but many companies also have an off day on a Saturday, which makes the week of work between Sunday and Thursday approximately 48 hours. In Ramadan the working hours are typically reduced to just 6 hours per day. There are seven public holidays across the UAE which include a total of five-day period for Eid Ul-Fitr as well as Eid Ul-Adha. That’s an average of 10 days.

Real estate, sales hospitality education, oil and gas, petrochemicals, fishing commercial maintenance of ships construction materials and finance, retail and tourism are a handful of industries that have the highest number of job open positions.

Data Entry Jobs

Job Overview

Manages the database of the operations team by ensuring that the platform is up-to-date and ensuring data reliability and accuracy and ensuring data security in accordance with privacy and security standards as well as adopting the best practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Examine and analyze data to ensure completeness, accuracy, and consistency. Solve any discrepancies that arise in RMS, Track, ITC and other platforms.

  • Maintain a reliable and easy-to-access database of all corporate data along with all documents.

  • Find and fix data quality issues as well as monitor and improve data high-quality standards.

  • Backup policies, data management policies and disaster recovery plans must be designed and then implemented.

  • Work in conjunction with other team members to make sure correct and prompt data entry, and work with the customer service team to verify the information of customers.

  • Document data controls methods and procedures.

  • Organise several tasks and priorities within an environment that is driven by deadlines.

Job Type: Temporary

Contract length: 3 months

Salary Starting at to AED4,000 per Month

Application Question(s):

Are you available for work right now?


High school or equivalent

Packing Latest Jobs


  • To prepare items for shipment or storage, package the items, weigh them and label them

  • Be sure that the items arrive at their destination in accordance with all instructions for packaging

  • Keep complete record of all items that go through the warehouse

Skills and needs

  • Work experience in the field of packing or similar.

  • You should, ideally, have experience in manufacturing or similar fields.

  • Utilizing hand tools and other basics shop techniques

  • Following directions verbally as well as in writing

  • Communication skills and teamwork are crucial

  • The equivalent of an official high school diploma

Job Type Full-time

Salary AED3000 to AED3500 per month

Pack food orders in a precise manner according to the requirements of the customer.

You’ll need to work in conjunction with other kitchen personnel, including chefs and food preparation workers to coordinate the packaging as well as delivery of food items. If your customers or delivery staff have concerns or specific requirements, you could need to contact them.

7. It is vital to be efficient with time in a busy central kitchen working environment. You’ll need prioritize tasks in order to meet deadlines and make sure that food is prepared and packed for delivery in time.

8. Food safety guidelines, health codes and any other pertinent guidelines issued either by the local authority or central kitchen should be followed. This includes safe handling, storage, and disposal of food.

9. As crucial as food packaging and handling are providing exceptional customer service requires being courteous, responsive and efficient when it comes to dealing with colleagues or customers.

10. Flexible When working in the central kitchen there is a possibility for workloads to vary according to demand, so you must be ready to change your schedule or help to assist in other parts of the kitchen depending on the need.

List of advantages

  • Visa provision

  • Meals

  • Insurance

  • Transportation

  • Rewards for performance

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

Job Type Full time

Salary of 2500 dollars per month.

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