Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

The technology of today has advanced to an degree, allowing us to take and watch videos and photos. However, a modern smartphone is more than an ordinary photo viewer. You need to have the best vault app in order to boost your productivity. It also includes important documents and other information that are not accessible to you. In light of this it is sensible for customers to protect the data stored on their devices with an exclusive app to ensure all your information safe, photos and documents alike.

Naturally there’s quite many of these apps to aid you in hide sensitive information on your devices. With this in mind that’s why we’ve decided to look through the best vault applications that are accessible for Android smartphones at present. If you’re not waiting around we’ll take an overview.

Best Vault Apps to Hide Photos and Files

1. 1Gallery

1Gallery is basically simply a photo gallery app to manage photos as well as videos. But, its most notable feature the gallery app is the robust vault which encrypts photos and videos with a strong encryption.

If you choose to use one of the 1Gallery app in order to hide photos as well as videos nobody will be able to locate the media files- not even after gaining root access. There are three different password options accessible, which include PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint, which can be used to hide the photos as well as videos.

In addition other than that, the reason I am including this app so highly on this list is due to its stunning user interface. The app is created flawlessly and looks contemporary with a fresh design and user-friendly approach.

With regards to features there’s a the dark-mode option, as well as support for a variety of formats of files like RAW and SVG and search management video, and the app can also be utilized as an photo editing app to edit photos for Android. All in all If you’re seeking one of the best app for you to hide photos as well as videos I’d recommend 1Gallery for its secured vault stunning design, gorgeous interface and a complete approach.

2. Gallery Vault

This app will help you hide and secure all secret media such as photos and videos to protect them from the people around you and cyberattacks. There are several useful features that will aid you in keeping your sensitive data safe from the prying eyes of. If you’re looking at an photo or video in this app and you notice someone in the vicinity then the app shuts down whenever you move your smartphone.

Gallery Vault also has break-in alerts that inform you if someone attempts to access Gallery Vault app without your permission. The app also has fingerprint authentication to authenticate however this feature is restricted to Samsung devices for now. Gallery Vault has a variety of options and features, and is available for free download from the Google Play Store. Gallery Vault is by far the best vault app that is supported by ads and in-app purchase.


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